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Do you find that your tiny cubicle corner office just isn't keeping you warm enough during the winter? Or perhaps you have your entire condo heated through a central heating unit but it just can't reach this one area of your home. If you answered yes to our question or find yourself in a similar predicament as the one we mentioned then you might want to consider an extra source of heating to keep you toasty warm.

Your best bet when it comes to keeping a small place heated is a space heater. Space heaters are compact and convenient but still pack a decent sized punch for what you need. There are many houses that tend to not get enough heat in their home during certain times throughout the year. You don't want to end up catching a cold or succumb to flu season just because you weren't proactive enough in buying yourself a space heater.

There are many different varieties of space heaters available on the market so you need to choose wisely when it comes to picking out a space heater for your property. You can choose a space heater that uses propane or natural gas, if you so choose. However, you also have the option of picking out an electric space heater. After you've decided on the type of space heater you want you are going to have to choose between wall-mounted or portable space heaters and figure out how big of a space heater you want.

Before you go and pick out a space heater we should warn you that there are safety risks posed by using a spacing heater in your home so you need to be careful before you use them. Space heaters have been known to cause fires and carbon monoxide poising so you need to be extremely cautious about using them in your home.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is only a threat from kerosene and gas space heaters, while electric space heaters are known more for their risk of causing fires. Of course you can avoid any dangerous threat brought on by the use of space heaters if you are careful. You can lessen the probability of a fire being caused by your electric space heater through low surface temperatures, using switches that cut off power in case your heater is knocked over and by using thermal cut-out switches. Of course you should already have a smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarm in your home to warn you of any potential danger.

Now that you know about space heaters and the dangers and benefits from using them you can start picking out which space heater is right for you and your family.

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