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Gardening, planting, or landscaping projects of any kind are usually put off until the very last second by most home owners who feel a lot of work needs to be put into any one of those projects. We're not denying that but in some cases there are times you have to stop focusing on the negatives and pay more attention to the positives of certain things.

For instance everybody hates raking leaves in the fall but it's only one drawback of having a beautiful tree in the front lawn of your property. In fact, you may have even purchased the home you are currently living in because of that tree! Yet, once fall time comes around you're probably cursing away wishing you hadn't bought the house with the nice big tree.

Really, it's only a few leaves and doesn't take up much time. You can even make it a family fun activity and do it together to make it go by quicker. We mention leaves and trees because there are many benefits to having a tree planted in your yard other than it providing a nice look to your home and land. One of those benefits is the shade that trees provide homes, which allow for homes to be kept cool during the hot summer months, as long as those shade trees are well positioned.

If you've never looked at a tree as an effective and cheap method to keep cooling costs down in your home then it's time to start doing so. Just think about it for a second, a large oak, maple, ash, linden or elm tree that overshadows part of your home and brings a nice shadow over top of it would most certainly cool down your home. If your home is cooler than it should be in the summer without using an air conditioner then how could it not cut your cooling costs back a bit? There are actually trees sold that are grown specifically for their shading powers, and they are mostly trees that are larger in nature than most trees and come with spreading canopies.

If you don't have a shade tree planted but would like one you need to find one that has coverage and longevity. You also don't want to plant them near chimneys or anywhere else where they might cause a fire. In addition to saving on your cooling bill you can also use a shade tree to enhance your property's privacy, which is a nice feature to have.

Good shade trees typically include:
Red Oaks
Black Adler
Tulip Tree
White Pine

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