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There are many ways that you can save money and reduce the amount of energy that you're using around the house. You can switch to Energy Star appliances in your kitchen or can go through your house to see if the windows and doors are properly sealed. But one of the best things that you might be able to do is to set your thermostat at a lower level in the winter and higher level in the summer.

Everyone wants to feel comfortable when they are indoors. This is true if you're relaxing at home or waiting for an appointment. But you don't need to keep a home at the optimal temperature when you're not there. When you leave for work in the morning, set your thermostat so that it's using less energy. It might make things a little cool or warm when you get home for half an hour, but this alone will save you quite a bit of money throughout the year.

Turn down your thermostat at night. Most experts agree we sleep better when the temperature is a little cooler. And everyone tries to make his or her bed as warm and comfortable as possible in the wintertime. You can likely set the temperature five to ten degrees cooler than you did during the day. If you find that you're too cold to sleep, buying an extra blanket will be cheaper than turning that knob back up a couple of degrees.

Work on gradually lowering your thermostat over several weeks. You will find that your body is able to adapt to a number of different circumstances within your environment as long as you give it time. And reducing the temperature by just a couple of degrees could make a big difference to your finances and your carbon footprint. You will even find that if you're willing to make your home a little cooler that your fridge and freezer are required to use less energy to stay at their optimal temperatures.

So, whether you're living in a condo or a house, you should think about adjusting your thermostat. This is just one of the ways that you can both help yourself and the environment as a whole. If everyone is able to make small changes than it could add up to a huge difference in the world we will see in the future. If you have an advanced thermostat, then you may even be able to set it for different temperatures throughout the day.

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