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Maintaining a home all year long can be hard. When you were shopping for real estate back in the day before settling on the home you currently own you probably weren't thinking about such things as squeaky doors, dangling roof shingles or poorly caulked windows. Yet those are things you need to be thinking about as a home owner.

Throughout the course of your home ownership you will be doing a lot of major or minor repair and renovation work on your property. If you don't your home will suffer and lose its value over time. No mater how big or small the repair or renovation job your home needs it has to be done.

You can either bring in a professional to do it or do it yourself. If it's a minor job such as properly caulking your windows then you can do that yourself. Just make sure you tend to it quickly because if the windows in your house aren't properly caulked then you could be letting the warm air out and the cold winter air in. Nobody will be happy if you let that happen, especially if it's a normally colder winter than you're usually accustomed to.

Poorly caulked windows not only affect the temperature in your home but are also a leading cause of mold. Windows that haven't been properly caulked can lead to condensation. Caulking windows is done in order to prevent any water from entering the cavities of the walls in your home. If you applied caulking around your windows poorly then water can easily creep into your home and around the walls where your windows are and over time they will become infested with mold.

If you don't want that to happen to the walls in your home then make sure you did a good job before when caulking the windows. Or re-apply some more caulk to them and make sure there are no cracks or places around the windows that aren't caulked. It doesn't take much time to properly caulk your windows and the sooner you get it done the sooner you can move onto the next repair or renovation project in your home.

If you aren't sure which caulk to use for the windows in your home just make your way down to your local hardware store, like Ace Hardware and somebody working there will help you find the right caulk to use. On the other hand, if you have decided to hire someone else to do the job, call a renovation company in your hometown.

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